Engine on-wing support, shop visit management and AD&SB evaluation

In cooperation with qualified consultants who are well qualified power plant engineers, Semfa are launching its consultancy services aimed at improvements for engine condition monitoring and MCPH agreements. Taking advantage of the aerospace concentration in Wales, Semfa will initiate its package to the Welsh aerospace industry as well as other potential clients in the UK within the next months. This will also build on the global connections developed as part of the Avgas 100 project in connection with Delton Aviation.

Aviation Expansion

Aircraft Maintenance

In a planned expansion, Semfa International Limited has joined forces with two experienced and highly reputable companies in the global aviation industry to offer the following to the marketplace internationally.


  • Engine Overhaul
  • Aircraft and Engine Disposition
  • ACMI
  • AOC Operations
  • Management of their aircraft maintenance through our global network in the industry – this should be from initial contract set up, through to final delivery of the aircraft at the end of any specific maintenance check
  • Managing all warranty claims for the airline
  • Undertaking technical inspection of any aircraft or engine prior to delivery



Engine overhaul: 


This is our DNA and is the costliest item for an airline.


Our Joint venture offers the service of  the management of the process and overhaul of aero engines from the initial tender stage and selection of the most appropriate overhaul facility for their needs, right through to validating the invoice at the end of each shop visit to ensure they only pay for the services they’ve requested and material that’s been specifically inducted into each engine. In conjunction with our partners, we are confident that we could save airlines a significant amount of money with full control of the process. In essence, we manage every shop visit that any of our customers have, with an aim of reducing the invoice and keeping a very high standing for ongoing operation of the engine.


Aircraft and engine disposition process:


In conjunction with our partners, we can offer support and exclusive, mandated broker service for the disposal of any aircraft or engines from their operation. We have the marketing range, the network of contacts and the experience to ensure we provide Airlines with the most attractive solution to their disposal process. In this process, we build up technical and marketing literature for each asset and then offer them to the market via our networks and channels. We would run a transparent tender process whereby we would finally recommend the best solution for the airline based on price, timing, and execution risk of the transaction. At all times we would be totally transparent and work in open partnership with our partners and airlines as all time. As is expected all deposits and sales are kept in Escrow accounts prior to the sale of the asset.


We additionally have the global connections within the Joint Venture to lease out aircraft to various markets and offer the leasing service as a transparent  confidential service for airlines.


ACMI for a busy period, expansion routes testing and additional operation capacity:


We offer ACMI operations to cover airlines for busy periods of time such as the Summer season which would allow airlines to become more operationally efficient by flexing its operation to suit demand. It also provides a service to airlines testing new routes and operations whilst limiting risk and investment. Together with our financial partners, we can offer a range of solutions for state-owned and independent airlines, thus allowing a more flexible approach to financing.


AOC Operations:


Through our joint venture, we have the facility of our own AOC and operations team  based in Europe to handle all situations for our partners and clients.


Comprehensive supply of Used Serviceable Material (USM) for aircraft.


Proven ability to  reduce the need to purchase new parts from the OEM’s based on approved supply sources which significantly reduces costs for airline operators.


Management of their aircraft maintenance through our global network in the industry


This is activated at the initial contract set up, through to final delivery of the aircraft at the end of any specific maintenance check.





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