External & internal tank repair systems

External and internal tank repair systems

In addition to standard tank repair systems and technology , Semfa can offer exclusively  IE SPS Overlay composite systems which are “state of the art” for tank repair as a system and service.
SPS is a composite material that is routinely used to strengthen and reinstate steel plate structures. It can be installed on new storage tanks or retrofitted to existing storage tanks as a patch inside the tank to enhance fatigue performance of critical structural details. This makes SPS Overlay an ideal product for improving the through-life performance of the critical shell-to-bottom fillet weld connection detail on storage tanks.
Above ground steel storage tanks are subjected to fluctuating pressures from tank filling/emptying operations and thermal expansion. These pressures can introduce high stress ranges in the fillet weld between the tank shell and bottom annular ring plating which often results in low cycle fatigue damage and weld cracking.
SPS is a composite material comprising of two metal plates bonded with a patented proprietary polyurethane elastomer core, which transfers shear between each plate and eliminating the need for stiffeners and precluding local faceplate buckling. The thicknesses of the composite elements are tailored to meet the needs of each application.


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