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Plastic Waste Processing

Our joint proposition is to dispose of the waste in a low cost, environmentally compliant and efficient process that simply converts waste into valuable products that create income.


Semfa has completed a number of consultancy projects since its inception. This is a major part of the company reflecting its long experience in specific markets with a well -established in- market network in key markets.

Sludge Processing from Tanks & Lagoons

Sludge processing equipment technology and services to maximise return to the refinery. processors in terms of processed oil, land remediation is also part of this approach.

Oil & Gas and Chemicals

Semfa operates in many sectors of the exploration, refining and storage industries with advanced technological solutions including drone inspection technologies .

Project Finance and Off Take.

Semfa is developing partnerships for project finance in the oil and gas industry which also involve, service agreements and off take agreements as part of the overall package.

Welcome to Semfa International Limited

Founded in 1986 Semfa International Limited has developed a strong reputation for excellence in delivering advanced solutions to meet the highest of client requirements globally. Our exclusive partnerships and regional structures allows an efficient and smooth delivery of solutions to meet client requirements .

Warning: It is understood that there are other companies in our sector using the “Semfa“ name in various parts of the world which not connected, nor share the roots, track record and relationships of Semfa International Limited. Their claims are false , not substantiated and simple checking with Semfa International Limited will clarify the position. The companies noted as Joint Ventures on this site are the only affiliated companies which share the common roots and ethos of Semfa International Limited.

Consultancy Services

Since its inception Semfa has undertaken a number of major market and business consultancy projects with high profile companies (a selection of these companies are noted in the Consultancy section) in various parts of the world.

Semfa International Limited has developed a strong and robust track record and relationships with a number of world-leading technologies in specialist market sectors since its inception in 1986 and partners-up with major technology and supply companies, as and where necessary to meet client objectives and requirements.

The current team and partner network is strategically located to enhance the business approach and maximises the performance of the team.

All the projects were highly targeted and tailored consultancy projects covering areas such as:

  1. Market research
  2. Business Development
  3. Market entry strategy recommendations
  4. Partner identification and selection
  5. Strategy identification and implantation
  6. Overseas market restructuring and problem resolution
  7. EPC identification and technology selection/ negotiation

Project Initiation / Feasibility / Development and Management (PIFDM)

Semfa has now combined many of the aspect of the consultancy area to focus on a new area of activity of taking management of specific projects itself and is consolidating a new team within its structure to run this section of the company. The team has been expanded to work within this new scope and to operate on highly focused and targeted projects starting with initiation of the project, project feasibility studies, developing a refined strategic approach and implementing and managing the project. By their very nature, these projects are highly specialised and targeted.

Key strategic partners

Semfa has a wealth of partners and cooperative organisations world-wide specialising in specific geographical regions and industries and is continuing to build new relationships in its key markets as the business develops

Project Partners

Semfa develops project partners dependent upon the nature of the project, its location and other management and operational requirements and the team can change according to the circumstances. However, all members of the project partnership are experts in their own fields.

Industry Areas of Expertise

Consultancy, project management and services in the areas of expertise listed below

  • Advanced municipal plastic waste processing technologies including advanced plastic to fuel and chemical technology
  • Gas monetisation technologies including Pyrolysis , Fischer Tropsche and other GTL technologies , small and medium scale LNG etc..
  • Atmospheric water generating (AWG) and distribution systems for domestic, municipal, medical and agricultural applications on and off the grid.
  • Oil field environmental solutions including tank cleaning, sludge processing and land remediation
  • Project finance package development and off take agreements for specific products.


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    Plastic Waste Processing

    SEMFA has been appointed by the Danish energy company Makeen Energy to establish new business links in the United Kingdom and selected markets overseas for its Plastcon technology for recycling plastic waste into valuable commodities. Makeen has...

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    About Our Company

    Founded in 1986 Semfa International Limited has developed a strong reputation for excellence in delivering advanced solutions to meet the highest of client requirements globally.

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