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With the world supply of drinkable water under great pressure, Semfa has compiled an approach which seeks to supply a number of solutions to the issue of drinkable water for a number of markets and regions recognising the ned for consistent drinking water purity, lack of plastic micro particles, reliability, ability to produce water in remote and off grid locations, (ability to utilise solar power as an environmentally preferable solution) economics and other significant advantages.

Atmospheric water generation needs as a pre requisite a minimum level of humidity and temperature to operate, but the Genaq solutions have widened the span of operation to increase suitability in a number of arid areas not suitable for other technologies. 

This technology also offers solutions to the environmentally serious issue of plastic water bottles and containers pollution and also micro plastic issues, especially in water from desalination and other drinking water sources. 

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Atmospheric Water Generators

Simply defined as filtered and treated water from the Air which adds to water resources, eliminates plastic water bottle and plastic drinking glasses as well as producing water of the highest standards on a regulated and controlled basis. 

The solutions offered by Genaq have been independently tests by TUV and also by a highly regarded GENAQ purified water meets medical and surgical standards. GENAQ purified water meets medical and surgical standards. All GENAQ AWG’s can be monitored remotely using the GENAQ "Internet of Things" (IoT) based upon in house ‘kiconex’ technology. Quantities ranging from 50 litres per day to 10,000 litres per day can be supplied dependant on humidity and temperature parameters

The generators can be powered by electricity, gas, diesel and solar panels to give a full range of power solutions.

Typical markets include:-

  • Oil, gas, remote mining and similar industries covering both on and off -shore water supply 
  • Marine applications
  • Military requirements
  • Hospitals, schools and clinics, (especially off water grid)
  • Townships and other off water grid locations including tourist lodges and camps
  • Hotels and similar complexes
  • Refugee and areas of poor-quality water supply
  • Disaster response requirements (with solar power if required) in situations such as earthquakes or floods, water supply for quick deployment in civil or military camps.
  • Agricultural requirements for crops, settlements and animals



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Founded in 1986 Semfa International Limited has developed a strong reputation for excellence in delivering advanced solutions to meet the highest of client requirements globally.

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