Condensing Water - Atmospheric Water Generators

Semfa enters specialised markets in the global water supply industry to focus on environmental and advanced technological solutions with leading technology partners.

Semfa has concluded a number of agreements with advanced solution technology providers to offer its partners and clients environmentally advanced solutions to global water-related issues and concerns today. Its range of solutions will be rolled out over the coming weeks but these will centre around the following areas:   

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Atmospheric Water Generators 

Simply defined as “filtered and treated water from the Air which adds to water resources, eliminates plastic water bottle and drinking glasses as well as producing water of the highest standards on a regulated basis“. This is the solution for organisations and people who care about the environment and who want consistent high standards of water delivery. 

This technology is a major part of the solution to seriously reduce water in plastic bottles and to increase drinking water quality. 

  • For domestic residential installations, offices, medical institutions ( such as hospitals, dentists and doctors surgeries), hotel and vacation complexes, meeting and conference facilities, sports facilities, industrial applications and governmental applications amongst many other areas 
  • For specialised markets  (where volumes would be up to 10,000 litres per day) such as demineralised water production, remote installation in oil and gas exploration locations, offshore installations, village and small town water supply in isolated regions , school and medical water supplies in remote regions , apartment and building drinking water supply in areas where there is inconsistent water supply ( rooftop installations) marine applications, agricultural crop watering, emergency water supply solutions for governments, municipalities and charities, and disaster response systems. 
  • Multiple units can be combined to offer an attractive solution to other water supply solutions such as desalination technologies ( smaller scale) in terms of time for installation, project development cost and after effects of desalination. 
  • The generators can be powered by electricity, gas, diesel and solar panels to give a full range of power solutions 
  • Major project finance solutions are available subject to guarantees and location 

Partners are all well established and recognised leaders in their field and Semfa is delighted to have associations with companies. who have a leading place in the global market and have a reputation for reliability and performance. 

Other technologies will be announced in the coming weeks but these will include the following solutions:- 

  • Advanced water treatment solutions for polluted water such as mining areas 
  • Water cleaning technologies for municipal water where it is a by-product from environmental waste treatment


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