Non Man Entry Tank Cleaning

Non man-entry (NME) tank cleaning technology, equipment and contracting services exceeding the requirements of API 2015

SEMFA can offer a total package approach to the subject of non -man-entry cleaning of oil storage tanks with a range of solutions and techniques dependent upon tank design, location and access suitability. Utilising proven technology for “non- man-entry” re-suspension, de-sludging and cleaning, Semfa technologies include the following bespoke systems which comply with US regulations UL508 and NEC and are ATEX certified: (Point should be made that all SEMFA NME systems rely upon the concept of “re-suspension” (re-dissolving) of soluble hydrocarbons in fresh oil by the introduction of energy. This energy is primarily in the form of mixing energy from the submerged jets, but can be enhanced by the introduction of heat energy if required)
  • “Man-way cannon’s” (for circular, square and elliptical man ways and can be hot and cold tapped where required) placed at various pre-determined locations around the shell of the tank to re-suspend the oil and sludge.
  • “Tank Sweep” systems for installation along the tank shell for re-suspension
  • “JeMix” tank roof located mixers and re-suspension nozzles for floating roof storage tanks
To achieve final de-sludging and cleaning to hot-work, once the environment in the tank meets Client specified levels (typically <10% LEL (lower explosive limit), <10 ppm H2S (hydrogen sulphide) and minimum of 20% oxygen) a tank entry permit is applied for. The tank is then final de-sludged and cleaned using ATEX certified Dozers and sludge removers which are assembled inside the tank prior to use .
Fully trained operatives constantly monitor the tank internal atmosphere levels and confined space trained technicians inside the tank utilise fully approved P.P.E. and R.P.E. to suit the confined space conditions.


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