Oil Industry

  • Semfa operates in many sectors of the oil exploration refining
    and storage indistries with advanced and economical

    Semfa takes its technology processes and contracting
    and designs it to meet individual operator
    and client requirements

Oilfield Production Applications :

  • Complete range of standard and encapsulated production chemicals, corrosion and scale inhibitors and specialist systems for well head production and in line application.
  • Well-head internal pipeline coating systems for corrosion protection of production pipelines and recoating technology using advanced specialist resin technology.

Refinery and Pipeline Operations

  • Hydrocarbon Storage Tank” Total Management Services and Systems”: including tank inspection (internal and external), sludge re-“suspension. Minimal man entry cleaning, paint and coating systems.
  • Advanced IE SPS repair systems for the repair of storage tank roofs
  • Corrosion inspection systems and Corroccont International Cathodic protection systems
  • Hydrocarbon Lagoon sludge processing and cleaning of water residue and minimizing waste
  • Environmental approaches to refinery and processing waste
  • Refinery waste water filtration systems
  • Rehabilitation systems for refinery pipes, fire water pipes and drinking water systems suitable for operation over polluted ground
  • Pollution control equipment and biocatalyst clean up systems for polluted land
  • Specialist “tight fit” lining technology for hydrocarbon and gas pipeline rehabilitation using specialist technology, equipment, pipelines and fittings

Aspects of the Semfa Operations :

  • Consultancy
  • Specification, design and project management
  • Equipment and supply of critical ancillary machinery
  • Contracting
  • Supervision and training
  • Environmental and ecological guidance

Intrusion Detection Systems

Command Centre

This is a cost effective, high performance system that will detect intrusion. This product is designed to identify potential harmful intruders approaching pipelines or other critical structures in order to be able to intercept prior to them causing damage. The system is effective, reliable, survivable and provides a force multiplier for the security team.

Such a Detection System incorporates an exclusive, powerful, enabling pro-environmental risk mitigation technology. The optical detection technology is software-centric, transparent to the senor type or model, continuously monitors an area and automatically provides an audible and visual alarm in the control centre when targets or objects are detected. It excels in outdoor environments and is not affected by low-lighting, rain or other background noise.

Vapour Cloud Detection and Tracking System

This system utilizes a sensor package consisting or a broadband IR optical camera, CCTV camer and illumination device. It provides automatic tracking of the vapour ccloud and has special graphic images of the cloud density. Such a system can be applied in Oil, Gas and Chemcial storage and terminal areas, refineries and processing plants.

Fugitive Emission Vapour Detection

This detection system detects explosive, lethal or greenhouse fugitive emissions which can be utilised in chemical, petroleum and natural gas facilities. The Fugitive Emissions Vapour Detection system provides immediate detection, wide are coverage and specific emission location.

Typical applications include:

  • Storage tanks
  • LNG and Oil Ship Loading and unloading terminals
  • LNG and Oil Tanker truck loading and unloading facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
Image Capture from Intrusion Detection Systems
Image Capture from Intrusion Detection Systems

Pipeline Integrity Vapour Detection

This product was developed as a low cost method to instantly detect gas or liquid leakages from pipelines and facilities in remote areas which are either environmentally sensitive or potential leakage of gases is a threat to the local population.

Typical  applications:

  • Pipelines
  • Upstream natural gas facilities
  • Well head
  • Compressor Stations
  • Switching Stations

SEMFA Mediterranean is the exclusive agent for these systems in the Mediterranean Region and North Africa.


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