Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas


Semfa has its main focus on the oil and gas industry generally covering up and downstream operations with the aid of strategic partners and clients. Over the past 15 years Semfa has been associated with some of the leading global technology companies either as partners or consultancy clients and is proud of its achievements and developments in the market place with real projects and activities. Currently Semfa has widened its partnerships and directors to focus on specific opportunities whilst utilising its existing client and contact base.

Gasification of waste plastic:

Utilising its established knowledge of gasification, Semfa has an exclusive relationship with Makeen Energy of Denmark for the development of the market for waste plastic pyrolysis into advanced fuels and is building on this base in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world utilising its established global connections 

Activities of Semfa in the oil and gas industry: -

  • Consultancy services focussed at market entry, market research restructuring of in-country operations, project development, local tolling facilities and joint ventures with local manufacturers
  • Development of intensive capital investment projects (mainly in gas monetisation projects, refineries and similar oil related areas) in conjunction with advanced technology partners, global and local EPC’s and working with State organisations, project finance providers and off-takers.
  • Provision of NDT and ANDT inspection services to the oil, gas, water and power sectors in conjunction with leading global strategic partners
  • Environmental and ecological consultancy, services and equipment focused on tank cleaning, sludge processing, lagoon clean-up and land remediation

Current focus and activities

  • Gas monetisation technologies for associated gas and trapped gas fields including various GTL proven technology options and approaches, small to medium scale LNG technology and other alternatives.
  • Modular refinery solutions
  • Specialised ANDT and NDT technology services for oil and gas facilities, pipelines and other assets, leak detection technology (also covers chemical, water and power inspection techniques), specialised subsea inspection techniques
  • Storage tank inspections and sludge processing technology.
  • Environmental solutions for storage tank sludge, lagoon sludge and other oil related waste and sludge processing and clean up with conventional and advanced sludge processing technology.

Gas Monetisation

Semfa has presented to a number of conferences resume of various technologies and approaches in the past 18 months and the latest presentation is attached. We will update this section when other presentations or additional technological partners are added to the portfolio.


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