Consultancy Services

Since its inception Semfa has undertaken a number of consultancy projects with high profile companies in various parts of the world covering a number of different markets and product technologies. This clearly shows the depth and wealth of experience within Semfa and its associates and partners.

NEW :  Semfa is working with partners to develop project finance opportunities in Russia and the Caspian. More details will be forthcoming in the very near future.

Tailored assignments and projects have included the following areas:- Semfa Consultancy

  • Market research and competitor evaluation 
  • Market entry strategies and partner relationship development 
  • Business development 
  • Contract negotiations 
  • Local market manufacturing , control and licencing 
  • Local standards approvals 
  • In- market restructuring and refocussing 
  • Troubleshooting and conflict resolution 
  • Investigation of trading opportunities 
  • Local market approvals and logistic / legal reviews 
  • Special assignments with specific objectives and focus

Led from the UK by Michael Pruchnie, Semfa lead consultant, the team that would be involved depends upon the nature of the consultancy project, the market location, industry sector and other key factors. Key consultancy partners are based in Wales and England in addition to Moscow, Almaty ( Kazakhstan), Istanbul (Turkey ) and Minsk ( Belarus) all of whom have long term experience in successful consultancy projects and a large network of key business contacts and relationships.

Some of our Past Projects and Clients

Some of the past project clients and partners include the following companies and markets:-

  • Force Technology ( Middle East) : Advanced inspection technology for oil and gas assets (on and off shore), Drone inspection technology and In-service inspection of ammonia storage tanks
  • AminoA Biostimulants Limited: Growth stimulants for the agricultural sector 
  • Delton Aviation Limited : Development of the Avgas 100 LL market sector 
  • US Chemicals and Plastics : Automotive products and systems in the Middle East and Far East 
  • Volstatic Limited : Power coating equipment 
  • Applus RTD Middle East : Inspection technologies market entry into Russia and the CIS 
  • SGS Inspection Services Middle East : Inspection technologies market entry into Russia and the Caspian region 
  • CECA Oil Field Chemicals : Oil field production chemicals : Russia 
  • Velocys PLC. : GTL development in Russia and the Caspian 
  • Advantica : Swagelining pipeline rehabilitation : Russia
  • GPS PE Pipeline systems : PE pipelines for oil and gas applications : Russia
  • Adler and Allen Limited : Environmental solutions, Malta and various countries.
  • Indestructible Paints and Coatings : Aviation and other high technology paints and coatings various countries

Consultancy News

Plastic Waste Processing

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SEMFA has been appointed by the Danish energy company Makeen Energy to establish new business links in the United Kingdom and selected markets overseas for its Plastcon technology for recycling plastic waste into valuable commodities. Makeen has developed a set of innovative processes, based on established pyrolysis technology, that disposes all types of plastic waste and by doing so produces a number of valuable products.  These include low sulphur marine quality diesel fuel, Naphtha, Carbon Black and Gas (which is utilised partially to power the plant).

Atmospheric Water Generation

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Building on its overseas market development activities in atmospheric water generation, Semfa has launched a specific consultancy service (under its AquaAeri brand) aimed at companies, organizations, and groups who are environmentally focussed and aware and who are seeking proven technological solutions  of atmospheric water generation for offices, restaurants, hotels, glamping sites and other areas. As part of a plastic-free, pure water delivery project, this consultancy will develop awareness of realistic water delivery options for consumers.  Initially focussing on Wales, the team will expand its activities to the rest of the United Kingdom within the next few months.

Dr. Paul Schubert joining the team

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Semfa is proud to announce that Dr Paul Schubert has agreed to joining the team as non-executive director.


Paul’s great technical and practical experience will be vital to the growth of the technical consultancy part of Semfa and to that of its partners.


Paul has an extensive background in the oil, gas, chemical and renewables industry and a proven track record in commercial project development and technology commercialization, and new technology development.


Paul has extensive experience in natural gas, landfill gas, and biomass to diesel fuel, jet fuel, and waxes. Furthermore, he has a proven track record in catalyst development and commercialization including fluid catalytic cracking, dimerization, polymerization, sulphur recovery, and disproportionation.


Translation Services

International business success is not only related to product/service quality and competitiveness and personal relationships , it also is related to accuracy of translations and agreements .

Semfa strongly believes that translations are a key part on this success and as such highly recommend Yelena McCafferty of Talk Russian as a reliable , accurate and competitive partner to work with.


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