Semfa has a wealth of experience in all aspects of oil, gas and water asset inspection and has undertaken a number of consultancy and market development projects in the past for some of the leading inspection services companies. The company has refocussed its activities and is now partnering with a number of the globally recognised technological leaders to develop new markets using well established connections with specific technologies and services. Led by Ron Long, who has a well-established reputation globally in advanced inspection technologies, Semfa

is now developing new projects and has also developed novel ways of developing new markets for the company and its partners. Some of these are shown below as an example of current focus and activities as well as the wider relationships being highlighted in the following PDF:

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General: Force Technology (for Russia and the Caspian region)

Force Technology based in Denmark are one of the leading technology and service providers for inspection of oil, gas, water and power industries world- wide and whilst the master agreement covers Russia and the Caspian, there is the possibility to expand activities in other areas by mutual agreement. Only specific advanced technologies will be offered to the client base. The presentation on this page coverers the breadth of inspection activities of Force and identifies its key strengths and track record with major oil and gas groups globally. 

pdf downloadFORCE Technology Integrity Management.pdf

Inspection of in service Ammonia storage tanks.

Inspection of in service Ammonia tanks is one of the exciting specialities of Force Technology and is rather unique technology and service in the global marketplace today. The technology covers processing and storage tanks and is designed to inspect Ammonia tanks without interrupting production processes (with significant cost benefits). A number of new global standards are being launched which will require regular testing of these storage vessels.

pdf downloadInspection of Ammonia Storage Tanks.pdf

Drone Inspection

Force Technology has a well proven range of drone inspection technologies which are well proven in the international market place. In addition to this highly specialised and sophisticated service offering, Semfa has another new partnership with a company in Kazakhstan who have just completed a drone inspection project for the State electricity power supply company, which will form the basis for joint activities with Force for the addition of their technology for the oil and gas industry in particular. 

Advanced Sub-sea Inspection

A specialist area for Force Technology, especially with proven experience in Artic and other serve weather conditions globally. Force technology also have worked on a number of high profile projects in the Caspian and are seeking a permanent presence in the region. It is also focussed on opportunities off shore Russian Artic region for oil and gas exploration. The Semfa teams in the region are working to establish new projects and opportunities with the region as a matter of priority. 

pdf downloadSubsea services FORCE Technology_web.pdf

Subsea P-scan is a well proven tool for Automated Ultra- sonic and Eddy Current Inspection of Subsea structures for fatigue cracks and corrosion mapping. Through more than two decades, the P-scan tool has successfully been used for inspection of tension legs, jacket structures, monopiles and pipelines. Based on a magnetic wheel scanner, the P-scan can be fitted with a wide selection of Ultrasonic probes and/or Eddy Current probes depending on application type; crack detection, corrosion mapping or weld inspection. 


pdf download4000-Data Sheet Automated Subsea Inspection.pdf

FORCE Technology Field Gradient Sensor (FiGS®) is a state of the art non-contact CP inspection tool, that performs highly accurate measurements of electric currents in seawater, with a resolution and detection level that surpasses all other field gradient sensors available on the market. The sensitivity of the sensor enables the identification of corrosion problems and the characterization of CP system status on pipelines and subsea structures, even when buried. The figures below show a comparison between traditional CP techniques and FiGS for both exposed and buried pipelines & structures. It also shows the available data for each technique and the limitations. 

pdf downloadCapability statement - Cathodic Protection.pdf

Storage Tank Inspection (LEFT)

In conjunction with Corrocont International Limited Semfa is offering a full package of technologies including the well established crawlers ( easy transportable) and highly sophisticated reporting system which has a well proven track record. This system in conjunction with its crawlers and plate scanners uses Low Frequency Electromagnetic Testing (LEFT) to scan each plate and identify area of concern as noted under API 653 and EEMUA PUB NO 159. The system has a full successful track record of completed projects around the world.

  • Oil Training Services
    Semfa and its partners have a range of presentations for their equipment,
    technology and services. Some of these are shown in this section.
    Semfa also has a full and comprehensive training presentation package
    focussing upon health and safety aspects of oil storage and tank
    cleaning developed for operators and employees involved in
    these areas.


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