Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas


Semfa has its main focus on the oil and gas industry generally covering up and down stream operations with the aid of strategic partners and clients. Over the past 15 years Semfa has been associated with some of the leading global technology companies either as partners or consultancy clients and is proud of its achievements and developments in the market place with real projects and activities. Currently Semfa has widened its partnerships and directors to focus on specific opportunities whilst utilising its existing client and contact base.

Activities of Semfa in the oil and gas industry :-
  • Consultancy services to enter specific markets and target companies, market research restructuring of in-country operations, project development, local tolling facilities and joint ventures with local manufacturers
  • Development of intensive capital investment projects ( mainly in gas monetisation projects, refineries and similar oil related areas) in conjunction with advanced technology partners, global and local EPC’s and working with State organisations, project finance providers and off-takers.
  • Specification, design and project management in conjunction with connected in-market EPC’s
  • Supply of equipment, chemicals, machinery and technology in conjunction with partners.
  • Provision of NDT and ANDT inspection services to the oil, gas, water and power sectors in conjunction with leading global strategic partners
  • Environmental and ecological consultancy, services and equipment focused on tank cleaning, sludge processing, lagoon clean-up and land remediation

Current focus and activities

Inspection in conjunction with global partners.


Project initiation development and management of high technology projects for gas monetisation ( including GTL and Methanol) - in conjunction with advanced technology partners for specific markets.

Environmental solutions for storage tank sludge, lagoon sludge and other oil related waste and sludge processing and clean up with conventional and advanced sludge processing technology.

Other activities including but not limited to heavy duty paints and coating for the industry, on and off-shore.

Semfa has developed a number of associations over the years with global and specialist chemical manufacturers and developers supplying the region.

Many of the products have been or are being tailor make to suit with specialist oil field chemical suppliers who in addition to their standard range also tailor make products to suit specific requirements of clients and locations. Suitable for oil patch, refineries, off shore and pipelines, these suppliers all have a proven track record and flexible approach which will suit a number of markets, particularly in Russia and the Caspian region. Experience in establishing local Manufacture under licence and blending is also within the Semfa track record in Russia and experience and knowledge in gaining approvals with state organisations is a critical advantage of working with Semfa.

Semfa also has the ability to supply gelled pigs for pipeline cleaning where standing pigging technology cannot be used

Project development of high technology projects for gas monetisation and modular refineries
This is a new area for Semfa and builds upon partnerships and connections over the past 4 years.

It is a combination of partnerships with technological advanced organisations and global leaders, off takers, project finance and EPC’s who operation within the regions that Semfa is active in (Russia and the Caspian). Additionally within the Semfa team there are highly experienced technical project leaders who have the ability to coordinate and deliver working and viable projects within budgetary constraints.

With project developments teams and associates in the UK, Turkey, Russia and Japan and China, Semfa has the ability to develop projects in the following areas in-conjunction with partners :

Oil and gas project development capability:-
  • Gas monetisation projects ( pipeline and associated gas) such as GTL with strategies for Liquid fuel outputs, wax, base oils and also proven Russian technological solutions for methanol and gasoline
  • LNG projects (micro and mini)
  • LPG projects and in vehicle systems
  • Modular refineries
  • Pipeline repair projects

Industrial projects including :
  • Cement factories
  • Fertiliser plants ( phosphate)

Water projects:
  • Pipeline repair ( drinking and sewer)
  • Desalination plants in conjunction with Turkish and Japanese partners

Environmental services, equipment and technology for refineries, oil storage tanks, sludge lagoons and land remediation.
Total Tank Storage and Management Solutions
  • Inspection
  • De-sludging using no man entry systems
  • Sludge processing (in tank, lagoons and other sources)
  • Cleaning
  • Tank repair
  • Tank recoating systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Land remediation
Semfa has developed a new exciting approach to the hydrocarbon and processed oil storage market with a total package focused at offering operators a single supplier package complying to the highest API and related technical standards such as API 653, EEMUA PUB NO 159 and API 2015 and other similar standards and requirements.

It has established a complete package of technologies and services concentrating on the issues of corrosion related problems in the storage of crude oil and environmental issues regarding sludge and its treatment.

With technology, equipment and contracting partners to meet all aspects of the problem under one team, Semfa is offering a one- stop possibility for refinery and pipeline owners and operators.

Semfa has exclusive strategic alliances with some of the leading edge and advanced equipment manufacturers globally today. In addition to supplying equipment they also offer commissioning and training and in some cases can offer services as well. This equipment includes sludge processing equipment, thermal desorption units, two and three phase centrifuges,” no spark” confined space sludge dozers, sludge mobilisers and re-suspension units.

Semfa’s philosophy is to develop a strategy that will utilise as much local input as possible with the minimum of supervision from the UK and also to establish long term contracts in managing and operating for tank operations with owners and refineries.

The components of the total tank management include:
  • Inspection : External and internal corrosion inspection, sludge mapping and corrosion inspection of all pipelines and refinery assets to comply with the requirements of API 653 and EEMUA PUB NO 159. These utilise advanced inspection techniques and crawlers where necessary to reduce and eliminate the requirement for scaffolding.
  • Line repair : Resin and PE liner systems designed for repair of fire main pipes as well as other pipes on the storage facility. This included full range of gelled and traditional pipe cleaning technologies. With resin systems Semfa has the package of Schur spray application equipment
  • In tank Sludge cleaning : “No man entry” tank cleaning technology, equipment and contracting exceeding the requirements of API 2015 , thus minimising health and safety issues related to exposure to toxic materials. Semfa has a fully trained and approved service team as well as a range of equipment to meet the most exacting requirements.
  • Sludge processing : Sludge processing equipment and technology to maximise return to the refinery in terms of processed oil and self-financing realistic possibilities.
  • Repaint and recoating systems : Internal coating systems (normally on the base and up to 1 to 2 meter height) together with a full service package. External coatings with high performance protective systems including glass flake systems to maximise long term protection and cost effectiveness
  • Repair systems: Innovative IE “SPS “sandwich repair system for storage tank roofs, floor and walls together with full service teams. This system is fast, highly effective, innovative and cost effective.
  • Sludge processing : Sludge lagoon clean up and processing technology, equipment and services.
  • Remediation: Land Remediation technology and services for the clean -up drill cuttings, well head areas and general hydrocarbon polluted land
Heavy Duty paints and coating for the industry, on and off-shore
With over 30 years’ experience in high performance protective coatings, Semfa has a close relationship with a number of leading and advanced paint and coatings companies in the world .

Semfa has specialised in Fire protective coatings recently with a number of new relationships with companies in the UK, Europe and Russia enabling it to offer proven technology to meet the most severe conditions and requirements although its connections allow it to supply interior and exterior oil and gas storage solutions, heavy duty coatings for the oil and gas industry generally, internal pipe coatings, water contact coatings and specialist industrial coatings generally. 



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