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Turkmenistan is rich in many natural resources including gas, oil and natural resources and is attractive for technology and engineering companies looking at expanding their activities into the region. However moving forward within the country with its own culture and business etiquette is extremely difficult for many companies. Recognising this, Semfa has established a close working connection with a team who have the ability, knowledge and experience to work with global companies and small specialist ones, to research, manage and direct the business through the various levels to maximise the chances of successful negotiations and project initiation. The team works in accordance of the Semfa standards that have been synonymous with its reputation since 1987.

We welcome serious and suitable companies to contact us and will respond properly and within a suitable time frame.

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ынок Туркменистана

Туркменистан богат многими природными ресурсами, включая газ, нефть и природные ресурсы, и привлекателен для технологических и инжиниринговых компаний, стремящихся расширить свою деятельность в регионе. Однако продвижение в стране с ее собственной культурой и деловым этикетом является чрезвычайно трудным для многих компаний. Признавая это, Semfa установил тесные рабочие связи с командой, обладающей способностями, знаниями и опытом для работы с глобальными компаниями и небольшими специализированными компаниями, для исследования, управления и направления бизнеса на различных уровнях, чтобы максимизировать шансы на успешные переговоры и инициирование проекта. Команда работает в соответствии со стандартами Semfa, которые являются синонимами ее репутации с 1987 года.

Мы приглашаем серьезные и подходящие компании связаться с нами и ответим должным образом и в подходящие сроки.

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土库曼斯坦拥有许多自然资源,包括天然气,石油和自然资源,并且对于希望将业务扩展到该地区的技术和工程公司具有吸引力。 但是,对于许多公司而言,要在国内拥有自己的文化和商业礼节前进非常困难。 认识到这一点,Semfa与一支具有能力,知识和经验的团队建立了紧密的合作关系,他们具有与跨国公司和小型专业公司合作,研究,管理和指导各个层面的业务的机会,从而最大程度地提高了成功谈判的机会 和项目启动。 该小组按照Semfa标准开展工作,该标准自1987年以来一直是其声誉的代名词,


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Turkmenistan and Britain Trading Relations

Turkmenistan Travel and Tourism:

Turkmenistan is a very fascinating country, not just for the geography and nature but also for the culture and history and one of the special countries along the Silk Road.

Semfa is dedicated to helping raise the profile of the country in a number of ways and as such has teamed up with «HD» Travel Agency based in Ashgabat to facilitate ease of travel to the country.

They are a well-respected fully registered professional agency with English speaking staff who cover all requirements for visits to the country including visa assistance and development of tailor-made tours, hotel, and drive reservations as well as the supply of fully trained English speaking guides.

«HD» Travel Аgency is a company dedicated to making a trip to Turkmenistan memorable and trouble-free and is totally focussed on ensuring visitor satisfaction.

Contact details :
HD Travel Agency Logo
Ms. Bossan Nedirova
Tour operator of incoming department
«HD» Travel Аgency 
Ataturk street 82, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Business centre “Berkarar” floor 8, office- H3
Tel: +99-312-468-380, +99-312-468-381
Fax: +99-312-468-382
Mob: +99-365-15-77-55
WhatsApp: +99-362-69-51-64
Facebook: Bossan Nedirova
e-mail: [email protected]


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