Plastcon plastic waste processing technology from Makeen Energy

Turn Waste Plastics into FuelSEMFA has been appointed by the Danish energy company Makeen Energy to establish new business links in the United Kingdom and selected markets overseas for its Plastcon technology for recycling plastic waste into valuable commodities. Makeen has developed a set of innovative processes, based on established pyrolysis technology, that disposes all types of plastic waste and by doing so produces a number of valuable products.  These include low sulphur marine quality diesel fuel, Naphtha, Carbon Black and Gas (which is utilised partially to power the plant).

Plastic waste is becoming a really serious problem. A proportion is incinerated (producing some energy output), but far too much finds its way into landfill or ends up littering our environment.  Quite a considerable mass of plastic waste has also been exported to China and Malaysia but recently these markets have begun closed up. 

Our joint proposition is to dispose of the waste in a low cost, environmentally compliant and efficient process that simply converts waste into valuable products that create income.

MAKEEN Energy is a global, market-leading corporation in the energy industry. Makeen Energy are determined to play an active role in the sustainable transformation of the energy market, and this is why they develop responsible energy solutions that make a difference to people and planet. Makeen Energy do this by enabling our partners to embrace the energy market of tomorrow, by bridging gaps between present and future energy supply and by empowering our people to innovate.


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