Land Remediation

Land Remediation

SEMFA Progressive Remediation Services –Albania ProjectSEMFA has a range of approaches suitable for Land Remediation
The Semfa Progressive environmental services cover the following areas:-
  • Contaminated soil treatment
  • High and low temperature thermal desorption
  • Total sludge management
  • Sludge treatment and recovery
  • Site surveys
  • Oil and water separation
Through the relationship with KMT International  SEMFA can supply the KMT Indirect heat Thermal-Desorption system and service where applicable.

Before and After Land Remediation
Before Land Remediation After Land Remediation
 Before Land Remediation After Land Remediation 
This  unique Indirectly-fired thermal extractor system (Indirect heat thermal desorption system) uses indirect thermal desorption to recover and recycle hydrocarbon contaminated solids for safe on-site disposal. This is a portable system designed to thermally remove hydrocarbons from solids. The hydrocarbons are extracted pyrolitically and recovered as oil and/or fired to heat the process. tHERMO dESORB
System can process various materials such as:
  • Hydrocarbons contaminated soil (results of oil or fuel spillages, etc);
  • Solid fraction after processing sludge from oil ponds or lagoons on centrifuge;
  • Sediments from oil and bunker oil tanks;
  • Spend catalysts used in oil refineries, etc.
The  thermo- desorption system can process material with following parameters:-
  • Hydrocarbons, up to 25% by weight
  • Water, up to 30% by weight


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